There are many reasons to choose hardwood flooring.  Natural colors, beautiful grain, and original marks that  show the character and uniqueness of each piece, just to name a few.  Here are a few more reasons. 

Look - Hardwood flooring will create a warm and inviting environment in your home.  Hardwood floors bring a rich, lasting feel to any room.

Durable - Most all finishes resist stains and scratches , keeping your floors looking better longer with easy no-wax care.These are floors meant to be lived on.

Design - Hardwood is a classic beautiful design element in any room.  Regardless of the style you choose, it can be the  foundation of a room's design.

Variety of Looks - Hardwood floors represent the beauty and variety already found in nature using a wide range of hardwood species:  maple, oak, hickory, walnut, pine, birch, and cherry.  They’re all here. We offer a large variety of shades and colors that will give your home a distinct and unique style while achieving a clean and consistent look throughout.

Character - Hardwood’s naturally occurring patina can add history and character.

Value - Adding hardwood to your home is definitely an investment and can add value to your home.

So, ready to transform your home with hardwood? We invite you to shop our great selection.

Solid Hardwood

Beneath its protective finish, solid hardwood flooring is exactly that: solid hardwood through and through. Solid hardwood floors tend to be the most sought-after floors. They’re known for durability and timeless beauty, but can also be visually versatile. You can keep a look for life, or on many of our floors sand and refinish again and again. At Armstrong Flooring, our solid hardwood is always made in the USA with domestically sourced lumber, a naturally sustainable resource.

Engineered Wood

Engineered wood flooring has a layered structure: wood top and backing with a strong, stable core made from cross layers of pressed plywood. This structure makes engineered wood flooring a great choice for basements, over concrete subfloors and over radiant heating systems. Depending on top layer thickness, some engineered floors can be sanded and refinished

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